Screenshot of a virtual meeting of researchers in material sciences

With the aim of expanding the transCampus collaboration, researchers from the Dresden Centre of Intelligent Materials (DCIM) and King’s College London presented their research interests in short pitches during a two-hour virtual session on 6 May. The Dresden scientists had invited the colleagues from King’s to participate in a joint interdisciplinary workshop in order to learn more about the different and hopefully complementary approaches. First, existing collaboration activities were presented, e.g. optoelectronic applications or studies of the spin selectivity effect, for which further partners are being sought. Then the other researchers briefly explained their research questions to enable an initial exchange on the subject.

Since one of TUD’s goals as a University of Excellence is to continue to grow transCampus, seed funding is provided for two joint project groups which will be selected out of the submitted short proposals by beginning of July. This will give the researchers the opportunity to get the collaboration started and intensify contact, and will further strengthen the material sciences as an important pillar of the transCampus initiative.