The Clerk of the Court of Chamberlain at the Guild Hall, Stefan Bornstein and the traditional usher "Beadle of the Court"

Stefan Bornstein, Dean of the transCampus and Director of Internal Medicine at the University Hospital Dresden, was made a Freeman of the City of London in October this year. This honour is given to individuals who have made important contributions to society, and it is most rarely awarded to persons who are not residents of either the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth.

Stefan Bornstein received this special recognition, which recognizes him as the first scientist and citizen of Saxony, for his significant commitment to the development of the transCampus, in which many important scientists in England, Germany and beyond are involved.

The tradition of honorary citizenship of London dates back to the 13th century, and many well-known figures hold the title of Freeman of the City of London. Prominent recipients included Nelson Mandela, Diana Princess of Wales, Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, Winston Churchill, Bill Gates and Helmut Kohl.

Admission to this select circle is based on the recommendation and nomination of already respected members of the Freedom of the City of London. After approval by the Court of the Common Council, the sealed membership certificate is presented in a celebratory ceremony in the Chamberlain’s Court in the London Guildhall. The new member takes the oath of Freeman of London, swearing to protect the city of London and maintain peace in the kingdom. Historically, this status has also been associated with rights that are now more symbolic, such as carrying a bow and arrow or the right to transport sheep across London Bridge.