Assessment of aggregates distribution system models for harmonic studies in transmission systems

Jan Meyer, TUD, Institute of Electrical Power Systems; Grazia Todeschini, King’s, Department of Engineering

Research area: Electrical Engineering

Shaping the electricity network of the future comes with many challenges network operators all over the world have to face. Installations and devices meeting the current demands such as being designed to use renewable energy sources have to be integrated into the grid at all voltage levels from low to extra-high voltage. All those installations are connected to the electricity network via a power electronic interface, which can deteriorate the quality of the supply voltage, mainly due to harmonic distortion. By setting appropriate limits those distortions can be managed. In transmission systems harmonic simulations that require reliable models of all relevant components are an essential tool. Regarding the harmonic hosting capacity they determine the most efficient way of use for installations in order to minimize costs for possible mitigation. However, the UK transmission system operator as well as the German transmission system operators both see potential for improvement in such simulations which leads to the proposed project. The objective is to compare modelling approaches and to identify the impact of the model parameters on the results of harmonic simulations in transmission systems in order to design an improved modelling approach. Grazia Todeschini (King’s), Jan Meyer (TUD) and his team will present the results during a workshop in Dresden as well as in a joint conference paper.