Identifying Human Systemic Milieu Impacts on Modulating Adult Human Neuronal Network Dynamics

Hayder Amin, TU Dresden, DZNE; Sandrine Thuret, King’s, Department of Basic & Clinical Neuroscience

Research area: Neuroscience

Interactions between neuronal assemblies build the foundation for appropriate brain functions and behaviours. Recent studies demonstrate that altered neural network activity contributes to cognitive impairment during aging and various neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or dementia. These conditions, despite increased research and investments in pharma-industry, have currently no cure. Fortunately, other reports show interesting results: They mount evidence supporting the effect of blood-borne factors in the systemic milieu on stem cell function. While this connection revels new possibilities for conquering with aging and AD the effects on neuronal activity remain unexplored.

In this transCampus project, Hayder Amin and Sandrine Thuret intend to develop an early predictive platform that harbors the impact of the human systemic milieu on neuronal networks. Therefore, a non-invasive neurochip will be employed that monitors and registers the neural dynamics in the systemic milieu. With the help of these information the platform will generate serum-based novel therapeutic strategies and provide network-based biomarkers.