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Prof. Dr. Bärbel Fürstenau, TUD, Chair of Business Education and Management Training; Dr. Patricia A. Zunszain, King’s, Psychological Medicine, Dr. Juliet Foster, King’s, Department of Psychology

The project aims to establish an international interdisciplinary collaboration between TUD and King’s on the topics of wellbeing and resilience competency development. The project’s goals are two-fold: to provide in-depth research-based insights into the development of resilience as a competency for current and future professionals, and to adapt and develop novel learning approaches that can be used as interventions to promote and enhance both competency and wellbeing among different students of different subjects and in different settings (e.g., face to face and online settings). In this sense, the aim is to bridge research on education, learning, psychology and neuroscience to strengthen the interdisciplinary research cooperation and to provide young researchers and students with opportunities for exchange in both academia and research.

The project commences with research on implementing a collaborative teaching program focused on developing competency in resilience and wellbeing. Due to current challenges and social distancing urged by COVID-19, the partner at King’s designed a novel online coaching program, titled “Time to Thrive”, which is offered to university students at TUD. The project’s results will be examined and evaluated by the international research group, including students in both institutions. The research group also plans to enhance cooperation on additional related topics with other partners within the universities.