Prof. Dr. Bärbel Fürstenau, Ianina Scheuch, Chair of Business Education and Management Training, TU Dresden
Dr. Gisele Dias, Dr. Patricia A. Zunszain, Prof. Dr. Juliet Foster, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London

Project background

The project aims to establish an international interdisciplinary collaboration between TU Dresden (TUD) and King’s College London (KCL) on the topics of wellbeing and resilience competency development. Our project’s goals are two-fold: to provide in-depth research-based insights on student wellbeing and to adapt and develop novel learning approaches that can be used to promote wellbeing and resilience in different educational settings. In this sense, we aim to bridge research on education, learning, psychology, and neuroscience to strengthen our interdisciplinary research cooperation and to provide early career researchers and students with opportunities for knowledge exchange in academia.

Aims and strategic objectives

The project focuses on joint research and combination of synergetic interdisciplinary perspectives on wellbeing and competency development, strengthening the international connectivity by working on the following:

  • Transfer of knowledge and expertise within the context of current research projects. This focuses on adapting and delivering a novel online programme for student wellbeing and resilience designed at KCL and titled “Time to Thrive”, the joint evaluation of the programme’s results, and joint publication of results.
  • Initiation and development of an interdisciplinary research network. Ensuring international connectivity including early career researchers and students in order to establish joint research exchange, knowledge transfer and community mobility.

The research group also plans to enhance cooperation on additional related topics with other partners within our universities and beyond.

Time frame: 2020-2022

For further information, please contact project coordinator: Ianina Scheuch (