Udo Buscher and Janis Neufeld, TUD, Faculty of Business and Economics; Rym M’Hallah, King’s, Department of Engineering

What we offer: Young academics are often challenged when it comes to publishing their research results in highly recognized international scholarly journals. High research quality is often not enough, you need writing skills, practice and good examples to follow. The workshop, developed from shared ideas by the transCampus Professors Rym M’Hallah (King’s) and Udo Buscher (TUD), will focus on gaining these missing skills and on familiarizing you with real-world planning problems when wanting to disseminate your ideas in the scientific world.

The programm includes two workshops, one in Dresden and one in London. Participating you will not only gain the necessary knowledge, the workshops will also give you the opportunity to establish international networking contacts.

What we require: If you want to take parte, please submit a manuscript that you want to improve for publication in a top OR journal. This manuscript should be nearly finished before the first of the two workshops (~70%). Researchers with manuscripts that have already been submitted to a journal but require revision or have been rejected are welcomed as well.

What you can expect: The workshop will be preceded in two 3-day workshops, the first one being hold at King’s College London (12 – 14 June 2023) and the second one at TU Dresden (25 – 27 September 2023). While the work at King’s is focused on the essential elements of writing a scientific paper, at TUD the young academics will get to evaluate their own progress. Enhancements made during the work period and submitting a paper as well as linking theoretical research to real-life practical problems will be discussed. During the workshop the small work groups of participants will be guided by a mentor. Besides Rym M’Hallah and Udo Buscher, Janis Neufeld, Senior Researcher of Industrial Management at TU, will be adding to the project as a mentor. Furthermore, lunches, dinners and site visits will serve for networking and discussions.

Application: Applications are accepted on a rolling base until 10 April 2023 (Application deadline). Participants should submit the following documents.

  • A draft of a paper on a relevant OR topic, at least 70% complete (deadline for manuscript draft: 1 June 2023)
  • Already submitted papers, rejected manuscripts or papers that need a major revision are also allowed
  • A CV focusing on previous career stages and highlighting aims and career objectives
  • A complete application form via Application form (please also use this link for CV upload)

All required documents have to be submitted before the end of the deadline. Successful applicants will be notified with further information via e-mail. Please note that the workshop capacity is limited!

You also can find information regarding the workshop and application on this page.