The transCampus collaboration in stochastics has a new member: Fernanda has started her 3-year PhD studentship with tandem supervision and studies at both transCampus locations King’s and TU Dresden. After a delated start in Dresden Fernanda is finally, since February 2023, gaining first experiences within her studentship.

The studentship is part of Anita Behme’s (TU Dresden) and Markus Riedle’s (King’s College London) project “Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes driven by cylindrical Levy processes”. During her first 6 months in Dresden the student will focus on modelling aspects of the project, whereas she will concentrate on the analytical part during her following 9 months in London. The joint supervision offers the transCampus student an insight into the different and internationally competitive research areas of both her supervisors.

Fernanda got the first transCampus PhD studentship in the field of mathematics and is contributing to expanding the diversity of transCampus projects.