Eleven proposals have been submitted to the annual transCampus call for projects, showing again the broad spectrum of activities and research areas of the transCampus initiative. The review team have had the difficult task to decide which of the projects should be awarded: Two projects in medicine, one in the humanities & social sciences, and two in engineering receive full funding, while a further four projects are partially funded.

The projects, which will be realised in 2024, deal with subjects as diverse as sexual dimorphic differentiation for a better understanding of the incidence of cancer or the demonisation of minorities in the democratic discourse. Another project group analyses the user behaviour of micro mobility vehicles, while yet another aims at gaining a better understanding of the mechanisms of cancer immunotherapy. A summer school on quantum networking & computing is also planned.

A detailed description of all projects can be found under the section Projects & Activities (work in progress) and on the TUD website on Internationalisation.