Uwe Platzbecker

transCampus Professor and former Professor of Haemato-Oncology at TU Dresden, Prof Uwe Platzbecker, has been appointed Director of the Department for Haematology and Cell Therapy at University Hospital Leipzig. The renowned expert for haematologic disorders, such as acute leukaemia and myelodysplastic syndromes, is aiming to drive forward the innovative clinic for the therapy of patients suffering from cancer. To achieve this goal, he is going to unite haematology and oncology under one roof in order to offer the patients the best possible treatment. Prof Platzbecker will remain the chair of the EHA MDS working group and continue to fulfil his role as transCampus Professor for Haemato-Oncology. His new affiliation with the University Hospital Leipzig will further boost the transCampus resources and research network, specifically strengthening the stem cell therapy research in Leipzig, Dresden and London.