Toktam Mahmoodi giving her speech

As part of the third Dresden Communication Festival the IEEE 6G Summit took place at the Messe Dresden on 9 and 10 May. The event hosted by 5G Lab Germany and TU Dresden offered opportunities for industry representatives, politicians and leading scientists to exchange their ideas in the field of cellular communications and discuss on advancing the future mobile communication with 6G. Participants had the chance to listen to presentations covering versatile topics from “6G in Aerospace” to “Realizing Safety in Connected Mobility” or contributed to the conference with their own speech.

One of the speakers was Toktam Mahmoodi, Professor of Communications Engineering at King’s College London. The Director of the Centre for Telecommunications Research dealt with the Evolution of Network Compute Fabric in Future Communication Systems during her contribution. With her visit to Dresden and her engagement in the summit Mahmoodi helps maintaining and strengthening the collaboration between TUD and KCL.

Apart from the summit the transCampus initiative is already working on expanding the collaboration between London and Dresden in the field of communication. Professor Mahmoodi (King’s) as well as Professor Frank Fitzek (TU) with others from the CeTI (Centre for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop at TU Dresden) are planning on providing PhD-students with tandem supervision starting in autumn this year. Another goal is setting up interdisciplinary projects with the medical branch of the transCampus.