For more than two years, the Departments of Mathematics at TUD and King’s have been collaborating in research as well as in teaching. Now, an important step has been taken to further strengthen the joint activities. The German Research Foundation DFG awarded funding for a three-year PhD position, starting in summer 2022. The PhD student will work on Lévy-driven Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes in infinite dimensions. The project aims at modelling random perturbation not by the classical approach, but by studying linear partial differential equations driven by a highly irregular and possibly discontinuous linear random perturbation. Systems that are subject to a random perturbation arise naturally in various fields such as engineering, economics, population dynamics, meteorology, physics and seismology among many others. The reasons for the random perturbation might be found in external or internal fluctuations, not allowing a deterministic description, in random events in the future, or in uncertainty of the model. Understanding properties of solutions of these linear equations are fundamental for understanding more complex equations and models as various of its properties are passed on to solutions of more complex equations.