transCampus with Engineering and Computational Sciences Prof. Bashir Prof. Vigano
Prof. S. Thompson with Prof. Bornstein

On the 7th & 8th of February 2022, transCampus Dean Prof. Stefan Bornstein and transCampus Chief Operating Officer Dr. Virginia Kamvissi-Lorenz, met with the leading team of the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences at King’s College London in order to discuss and plan new strategic partnerships and further explore the academic possibilities of the existing collaborations. Talks with Prof. B. Al-Hashimi and Prof. L. Vigano included planning of workshops in material sciences & nanotechnology and the possible uses in the medical field as well as possibilities for new large scale PhD programmes and students exchanges between Dresden and London.

The different undergraduate student possibilities (eg. rotations to German hospitals, partaking in transCampus scientific activities like workshops and seminars), as well as the new and exciting “transCampus young minds stipend”, awarding 5,ooo GBP to two individual EMDP students to support and promote their studying during the challenging first years of Medicine were discussed with Prof. S. Thompson, Co-Director of the Extended Medical Degree Programme (EMDP). The collaboration with the EMDP is a new project for the transCampus that comes with a lot of excitement and energy in a field most relevant and important, the support and nurturing of young undergraduate students for the future that lies ahead.

Prof. P. Dazzan with Prof. Bornstein

Prof. M. Giacca, the newly appointed Head of the School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Science was introduced to the existing International Research Training Groups (IRTG) within the framework of the transCampus and plans were made on the critical steps required for the initiation of a new IRTG with focus on cardiometabolism.

Objectives for the first round of funding and recruitment of students for the IRTG on affective disorders with the Institute of Psychiatry Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) were considered with the Vice Dean of IoPPN, Prof. P. Dazzan.

The student recruitment process for the second funding period of the IRTG in Metabolic Disease was part of the agenda during the meeting with Dr. R. Sancho and Dr. C. Andoniadou.

Current research projects (e.g., immunological effects in Long COVID) as well as critical developments within the Schools’ administrative and organizational infrastructure were discussed with the long-time transCampus strategic and scientific collaborator, Prof. M. Mayr.