The President of King’s College London visits DRESDEN-concept partners

Numerous DRESDEN-concept (DDc) partner institutions opened their doors to a very special guest: Prof. Ed Byrne, Principal and President of King’s College London (KCL).

Originating in medicine, the transCampus partnership between TUD and KCL has grown into other research areas such as telecommunications. Last year, many DDc partners accompanied the Science Exhibition to KCL, where they held tandem lectures with their London colleagues. The aim was to expand the existing collaboration to include other DRESDEN-concept partners.

During his visit in January Professor Byrne not only paid a visit to TU Dresden but also to the Dresden State Art Collections, the Leibniz IPF, the Max-Bergmann-Centre, OncoRay, CRTD and the SLUB, where he familiarised himself with Dresden-based research topics.