Collaboration between "Ageing Research at King's" and TU Dresden Center for Healthy Aging

Two highly synergistic research centers are coming together within the transCampus to address the challenges of an ageing world: Ageing Research at King’s (ARK) Coordinator Dr Richard Siow and TUD Center for Healthy Aging Director Professor Lorenz Hofbauer mutually agreed to join forces and combine complementary expertise.

ARK is a cross-faculty multidisciplinary consortium of investigators which brings together scholarship and research in ageing in several complementary areas. ARK represents King’s world class excellence for research on the biology of ageing, from the basic mechanisms in biogerontology to clinical translation and the social impact of ageing.

The Center for Healthy Aging at TU Dresden was established in 2015 to implement a 'one-stop-shop' system for elderly patients to maximize patient care in terms of efficiency, convenience, and competence. By spanning the spectrum from preclinical to clinical and health-care research, the Center for Healthy Aging is at the forefront of aging research, providing state-of-the-art care for patients regarding new treatment options and preventive life style measures.

Ageing Research at King's / Center for Healthy Aging Dresden